How to Practice Hungarian Without Getting Overwhelmed or Demotivated?

Hi, I’m Szilvia, and I’m a certified in teaching Hungarian as a foreign language. I teach Hungarian in an original way and help my students come up with their own unique plans. 

While traditional teaching methods can be good up to a point, I believe relying only on that is not going to take you as far as you want to go. 

I’ve studied Spanish both through materials on the Internet and private lessons.

However, I don’t find it effective to rely entirely on my weekly Spanish lessons. And as a teacher I know that one lesson a week doesn’t matter, what matters is what you do during the week. In other words, the most important thing is consistency

So apart from learning at school and through courses, I decided to create my personal study routine.

But I was struggling...

Whenever I sat down at my desk, I kept thinking “What should I study today? Should I study a little bit of grammar? But what grammar? Should I learn some vocabulary? But what kind and how much? No one told me specifically what to study, which material to choose, or to design a study plan effectively.

Neither is it my teacher’s responsibility to dictate what I study every day or show me how to put the things I learned in class into practice in my daily life. They just teach me for one hour once a week.

I have time to study, but study what? There are too many materials and videos on the Internet, and I don’t know what to choose based on my current level… 

I don’t even know if I’m actually learning or not because no one is there to correct me or point out my mistakes.

Everywhere I turned, all I got was “Well, you just have to try and find what works for you.” But these are just empty words with no specific suggestions or explanations. 

Try what? Where should I start? How do I know what things I should try?

Knowing that I had to get out of this cycle, I created my own plan…

For Reading, I bought books and looked for short stories online.

For Writing, I wrote short texts each week about a certain topic. My Spanish language exchange partner corrected it for me and pointed out my mistakes so that I could improve.

For Listening, I used podcasts to strengthen my comprehension skills. 

For Speaking, I joined conversation clubs and found someone to practice speaking Spanish with.

Seems like I was doing pretty well, right?... 

But actually, I wasn’t.

For Reading: there were too many reading exercises on the Internet. I usually ended up with one that was either too easy or too hard for me. I also felt pressured to finish a book I didn’t even like. It was a huge waste of time.

For Writing and Speaking, my partner was not always available to proofread my writing and practice speaking with me. It’d have to wait for days, even weeks, and it was really demotivating.

For Listening, the podcasts labelled “beginner-friendly” were half an hour to an hour long. That was too much for me. They didn’t even have transcripts, so when I missed something I needed to replay it again and again. It was so frustrating

I thought I was doing well, but I wasn’t. I couldn’t focus on the actual practicing.

There were tons of materials and opportunities, but nothing seemed to suit me. 

I do NOT want the same thing happen to you, so I designed my own membership program:

I spent the last 4 years trying to unlearn everything that had been programmed into my brain in school about learning and about traditional teaching methods. I’ve been researching and started to create my own materials for Hungarian learners.

My materials are tailored to your level, that way if you’re a beginner, you won’t have to listen to an hour-long podcast for natives. Even if you’re an advanced learner, listening to podcasts and videos made for native speakers can be very overwhelming. 

I cannot emphasize how important it is to choose the right material to learn from – the one that suits you. And here, you’ll get that opportunity, and you get to pick what to practice. 

This would save you tons of time researching the right materials and exercises. 

I’ve been there before. I am also a language learner like you and I’ve experienced all the frustration when studying.

I wish I knew the key wasn’t buying every text book, memorising vocabulary and studying grammar tables.

These materials are the answers to all of my questions back then, and I wish someone also provided me these.

You will love this membership if...

  • you want to practice more but you’re stuck and frustrated and you don’t know what to learn from
  • what you’ve found online is either too easy or too difficult and you want something that suits your level
  • you want to learn colloquial Hungarian for everyday life, for talking with family and friends
  • you are at least level A2 (or if you’re below but you enjoy learning from authentic material using audio and text, you are more than welcome here!)
  • you are looking for material about exciting topics what people actually talk about and had enough of reading about the differences between city and countryside
  •  you are ready to create a new routine you can stick to

You will probably not if...

  • you are a total beginner or you can’t form simple sentences on your own yet
  • you don’t want to dedicate time 3-4 times a week for learning Hungarian
  • you are looking for a traditional language course
  • you only want to learn grammar

Benefits of the membership

Saves you a LOT of time

Finding comprehensible and enjoyable content for learning Hungarian online is almost mission impossible. With this membership everything you need will be provided based on levels.


You won’t even recognize the monthly charged few dollars compared to an expensive text book you might not even find enjoyable to use after purchasing.

Study-guide included

Your self-study material comes with a guide giving you ideas on how to efficiently use it. You will have everything in hand for creating a habit to study more times a week.

Meet other learners

You will meet other Hungarian learners from all over the world on our monthly meetings. Some members from the same city already met in real life and became friends.

By levels

Even if you manage to find good content for learning Hungarian online, it might not be tailored to your level. This membership offers material from level A2 to B2.

Practice all four skills

You will have a chance to practice reading, writing, listening and speaking with a good balance of input and output.

Introducing the materials and services

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  • beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced level (A1+ – B2)
  • good for simple practice when you just want to listen to something
  • good for purposeful practice when you want to work on progress using the transcript
  • 8-20 minute long episodes – not too long for analyzing the text but you can break it down to shorter parts too
  • exciting topics you’ll enjoy listening to
  • useful colloquial and slang vocabulary


  • half a page long text in three levels (A2, B1, B2) with a vocabulary list and audio 
  • good for purposeful practice for analyzing sentence structure
  • good for days when you don’t feel like working through a whole podcast transcription


  • comment correction – you can tell your opinion about the current episode (~5 sentences) in the platform where I share the podcast transcript and I’ll correct it. You can also see others’ comments and corrections.- writing one every week is not too overwhelming but a good practice for thinking in Hungarian
    – I don’t only correct your comment but respond to what you wrote so it’s like messaging a Hungarian friend. 
  • text correction – you can choose a package with text correction and I’ll correct your half a page long text you have to write in a Google Document about the current topic I give you. I also leave personal and grammar notes.


  • monthly group meeting – two groups: A2-B1 / B1-B2
  • you get the questions 3 days in advance so you have time to prepare your answers
  • you can also improvise and see how different it is from when you prepare
  • you can meet other Hungarian learners from all over the world
  • you can join whenever you have time
  • it’s a safe space for learning from mistakes and practicing speaking
  • we always have a lot of fun, there’s not a single meeting without smiles and laughter


  • 5-10 minute long videos
  • with Hungarian-English or Hungarian subtitles
  • stories about my personal life
  • you can chat with me in the comments
  • you can listen to real spoken Hungarian

Members said

What I like about this subscription is the fact that the materials are well suited to my level - there is always a choice, I can either pick a text designed for beginners or more advanced learners. Sziszi creates modern and original content - it's nothing like some of these dull textbook exercises! All is very useful and fun.
Vizsla tagságom van, és legjobban a havi találkozókat szeretem. Úgy érzem magam, mintha egy bulin lennék, mindig szuper a hangulat, de közben sokat tanulunk is. Egy csoda, hogy a világ különböző részein elő emberek magyarul beszélgethetnek vidám és komolyabb témákról.


This membership program wasn’t designed for complete beginners who want to learn Hungarian from zero.

If you’re familiar with conjugation in present tense and you recognize the past tense forms, accusative case, plural form, you can already benefit from the material.

This membership offers material from level A2 (elementary) to level B2 (advanced).

Absolutely! Download this guide for free samples and it will also teach you how to study and how to create a plan for studying.

No. There are two groups at different times. One is level A2-B1 and the other is level B1-B2. I send out questions three days before the meeting and you can practice your answers. I will talk to you based on your level and you can always ask if you don’t understand something the others said.

A Sunday once a month at 6pm (CET) for level A2-B1, 7pm (CET) for level B1-B2. You’ll get the Zoom link and the questions 3 days in advance, that’s how you’ll know which Sunday.

I post a Google Document link on Patreon. You’ll get an e-mail notification about it titled ‘(given month’s) Zoom meeting’. You’ll find the Zoom link in that Google Document along with the questions we’re going to talk about.

Yes. A shared Google Document with every new word or other notes. You’ll be able to see it during the meeting and you’ll have access to it after the meeting too.

I send out questions three days before the meeting and you can practice your answers. If you don’t want to improvise at all, only practice saying your answers you prepared, feel free to message me and let me know not to ask you anything else than the questions I sent out and I’ll make sure to make you feel comfortable.

Choose your membership here


$3 / month
  • monthly short text in 3 levels with audio
  • vlog videos
  • close friends list on Instagram


$15 / month
  • all Kolbász services +
  • all Vizsla services +
  • monthly text correction with feedback and explanation

It’s time to let yourself be the language learner you’ve always wanted to be.

Join more than 200 members and break out of that cycle of irregular bursts of learning and guilt trip that doesn’t take you anywhere. Take your progress into your own hands. 

Are you ready to be that language learner?

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