Use the transcripts for learning Hungarian

Listen to the podcast then check the text for new words or analysing sentence structures. Every downloadable pdf comes with a vocabulary list – Hungarian-English for beginners and Hungarian explanation for more advanced episodes.

The texts are 3-6 pages long but if it’s too overwhelming for you, you can break it down to shorter parts to work on each day.

This might be your new favourite method, give it a try!

│by levels

When choosing a resource for learning a language, it’s important not to work with something too difficult neither something too easy. I make episodes in four levels, from A1+ to B2 so you can find what works for you the best. You have the option to enjoy everything you understand or to challenge yourself. 

│original topics

I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of the typical city or countryside, describe your dream house kind of topics. I only talk about fun and everyday life things that would come up in a conversation with my own friends. You can also find episodes about cultural fun facts and Hungary. 


This podcast is about colloquial language. Even if it’s beginner level, I never say anything that sounds unnatural. I don’t speak too slowly and I don’t over-articulate anything as I believe you’ll benefit more from getting used to natural speech as fast as possible.


Podcast availability

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Luca Lampariello language coach & polyglot uses my podcast and transcripts for learning Hungarian too.
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