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Do you want to

  • practice speaking in a safe place?
  • be more fluent in Hungarian?
  • expand your vocabulary?
  • learn through speaking and listening?
  • learn and have fun in a small group?

If the answer is YES to most of the questions then you’re at the right place ☺️

I personally think that the best motivation for learning a language is communication. It can be quite challenging and sometimes stressful to talk with native speakers. During these sessions you can practice without fear. Here you don’t have to feel bad about making mistakes. We are here to help each other grow and feel more comfortable speaking Hungarian.

Who can join group Puli?

  • Learners on level A2-B1
  • Learners who can at least use present and past tense and know definite and indefinite conjugation 
  • Learners who like learning and practicing through conversations and willing to prepare about the given topic

This is just a guideline. Not being confident about grammar shouldn’t hold you back. We are here to practice. Now the point is to communicate, to understand each other, to be understood and to boost your confidence. 

Who can join group Komondor?

  • Bilinguals – if one of your native languages is Hungarian and speak the language fluently but not always sure about grammar and vocabulary and want to improve and sound more natural
  • If you’re very confident on level B2-B2+ and want to expand your vocabulary.

The way you hear Hungarian is so much different than someone who is learning it as a foreign language. That’s why I wanted to create this group for you where everyone understands how you feel about speaking Hungarian

What do you get?


Short text


Text correction

How does it work?

  • I provide questions and vocabulary so you can prepare in advance
  • We meet once a week on Zoom
  • One session is 60 minutes
  • There are 4 people in a group
  • We talk about a certain topic
  • I share questions and vocabulary in Google Docs
  • At the end of each session (after 5 lessons) we have one week break when you can write a maximum one page long text about a chosen topic

Payment info

  • One session is 60 minutes and 2.500 HUF / 8.50 USD
  • A total of 5 sessions must be paid in advance (12.500 HUF / 42 USD)
  • Payment can be transferred by HUF or US account, Zelle or PayPal
  • I’ll send you your invoice via e-mail
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