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My Patreon classes will help you to create a habit to study 10-20 minutes 3-5 times a week. It’ll expand your vocabulary and help you with your listening, reading, writing and even with your pronunciation.

The key is to dedicate time to learning at least 3 times a week. CREATING A HABIT will make you progress faster than anything!

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The podcasts, videos, posts I’m making are available for everyone and adding subtitles in Hungarian and in English to all my videos takes plenty of time, so your support means the world to me.

I’m not looking for the most expensive and most professional solutions, but I want the materials I provide to have an enjoyable quality. Just a little help is a very big help for me as well. Not only financially, but also keeps me motivated if I see that what I do is useful for you. 

Thank you so much for being here and learning Hungarian with me! With your help I’ll be able to create more and more and better quality content for Hungarian learners all over the world! 🇭🇺

Jó tanulást Mindenkinek! 🥰

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