New course stars in January!

How does it work?

• 60 min / class

• we meet on Zoom once a week for ten weeks

• small groups (4 people in level A2-B1 groups and 3 in level B2+)

• 10 different topics

• different topics for A2, B1, B2+ level

• you get all the questions we’re going to talk about in advance so you can prepare if you want ☺️ but you can also improvise sometimes

• I answer the questions and send you an audio file, so you can also practice listening

• one text correction is included – you can write a maximum one page long text about a chosen topic which I correct – but it’s possible to get more for extra fee


11 October – 15 December

Groups and schedule (Budapest time)

• A2 +

– Monday, 18:00 

– Monday, 19:30

• B1 +

– Tuesday, 18:30 

• B2 +

– Tuesday, 17:00 

– Wednesday, 18:00 

Why this method?

You’ll feel amazing after each class, even on a beginner level. It can be hard and stressful to have a conversation with a native speaker (on any level which is totally normal) but here you’ll talk with learners who are the same level like you. It’ll make you feel much braver and that’s where the fun begins. This is how I started to learn Spanish with almost zero knowledge. At the beginning it took me hours to prepare for the questions and now I can improvise and I say out loud everything I want even if I’m not sure of it. That’s the only way to improve. I enjoy these types of classes so much that I wanted to create the same for you with my own little twist. I hope you will enjoy it too. ♡ 

A2 téma minta


Group classes + audio + one text correction

• 35.000 HUF / 120 USD

Extra text correction

• 2.500 HUF / 8 USD / text

How to apply?

Message me on Instagram (@hungarianwithsziszi) or send me an e-mail ( if you want to apply. I can’t wait to work together with you!

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