Private lessons

5 or 10-hour conversational lessons

How does it work?

• we meet on Zoom once a week for 5 / 10 weeks

• 5 / 10 different topics

  one lesson is 60 minutes long

• different topics for A2, B1, B2+ level

• I’ll upload every topic we’re going to talk about in advance in a Google Drive folder and send you a link so you can prepare if you want ☺️ 

 you can also just think of your answers and improvise in class

• I answer the same questions in an audio file so you can also practice listening

• you can choose a package with writing a one page long text which I correct if you want to practice writing too

• if you’re interested in a topic list, let me know on Instagram or via e-mail and I can send it to you – 

We only talk in these lessons. I can explain certain things if it’s needed, but I won’t be giving an hour long lesson about grammar. Thanks for understanding!





Packages and prices

5 hour conversational lessons

• 5 lessons (60 min / class) + audio
200 USD

10 hour conversational lessons

• 10 lessons (60 min / class) + audio
300 USD

can be paid in two installments

Payment info

You can transfer the fee in any currency according to the current exchange rate via:
• PayPal
• Hungarian bank
• American bank
• Wise

The 5 lessons have to be completed within 2 months. The 10 lessons have to be completed within 3 months.

How to apply?

Apply via Instagram private message (@hungarianwithsziszi) or e-mail:

I can’t wait to meet you 
and learn together!

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