Language Challenge

We created this Language Challenge with Hungarize at the time of the pandemic, but it can be used anytime, when you feel like practicing in a fun way. You can just take a look at the tasks and complete the ones you like, or randomly chose one, when you feel like practicing, but don’t know how. Or if you working on how to be consistent, set a goal to complete the whole challenge. This way you’ll learn 10-15 minutes every day, which is the BEST WAY to learn a language 🙂

Feel free to download and share the pictures with your language learner friends. Keep safe, stay home and learn languages. ☺️

If you want to share it on social media use the hashtag: #stayathomelanguagechallenge so we can see everyone’s posts who are participating and we can motivate each other. ❤️

Week 1.

Week 2.

Week 3.

Week 4.

Week 5.

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