Writing course

Next course starts on 10th January. Only for 10 people! 

8 places left

How does it work?

• you get 5-10 different topics

• different topics for A2, B1, B2+ level

• I’ll send you a link to a folder where a new topic appears each Monday

• I send you a pdf with a topic, helping questions and a vocabulary list

• you can choose a package where I answer the questions in an audio so you can practice listening as well

• you can write a one page long text

• I correct it and I add useful comments

• you have to send me one text / week in a Google Document

• if you don’t know how to make one, I’ll help you 🥰

• you can send me only one text / week






5 topics without audio

15.000 HUF / 50 USD

5 topics with audio

20.000 HUF / 70 USD

You have five weeks to send your texts ☺️ Only one text / week.

10 topics without audio

30.000 HUF / 100 USD

10 topics with audio

35.000 HUF / 120 USD

You have ten weeks to send your texts ☺️ Only one text / week.

How to apply?

You can apply via e-mail at hungarianwithsziszi@gmail.com or on Instagram @hungarianwithsziszi. I’ll send you the payment information after you applied and you can pay via Hungarian / American bank, Paypal or Wise.



Alig várom, hogy együtt dolgozzunk!

I’m looking forward to working with you!


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