How to study without getting overwhelmed?

In the end what matters the most is what you study besides classes. But where to get started, how to choose material for your level and how to have a flexible plan?

My classes and the materials I provide is everything but ordinary‚Äč

I wanted to create something I always missed as a language learner. Textbooks and regular classes are great, I don’t have anything against them. But they usually lack colloquial expressions and you’re left with natives staring at you because you sound too official or too straightforward. And it’s not your fault. It’s just that a lot of material out there focus on being grammatically correct and not on actually sounding natural. But even on a beginner level why would you waste energy on learning something that natives would every say?¬†

Let me show you my two favorite kinds of authentic material I made for you:

videos with Hungarian-English subtitles

podcasts by levels with transcription

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